Burl Wilkerson, Artist & Observer




Reverb Nation

A Partial List of Burl's Originals From the 70's

Give Him Back His Mask

Give Him Back His Mask

Snowbound In Summer

The Truth

My Little Man

Madame Butterfly

The Ballad of Robert Lemons


I Can't Use You Anymore

So Long, Lady

Young Man

Ask Me

Livin's Just Dyin'

Blind Jim

You're a Better Man

Cryin' Like a Child

My King of Life

Love, Lovin' You

All That I'm Askin'

Two Lonely People

Pleasure and Duty

Little Rock, Arkansas

Metroplex Song

The Years Roll By

Roarin' Thru the Night

One Woman Man

The Old Man in the Park

Red Eyed Lies

I Got the Right to be Left (Alone)

Keep On

The Dyin' Dream

It's Later Than You Think

Do You Sigh?

Everybody Wants to Go Home a Hero


Carolina Lady

Waitin' For the Change

Fort Worth Woman

Ballad of Cowboy Jack

Depression Song

Lookin' Back

If You Don't Want Me

Fort Worth Blues

Prohibition Blues

Standing at the Foot of Your Grave

I Made Me What I Am

Picker's Lament

Henry Watson

Rose Colored Glasses

The Invisible Man

The Risk


Santa Fe Sue



Old Days

Donnie Price, Gary Craft, Burl & Phil Mezzetti